52% of American's say that income taxes are too high

The 2014 Republican Primaries are May 6th, and the candidates are asking for support from voters who share their principles and goals. You can help elect the candidates of your choice by:

  • Taking a yard sign
  • Mailing postcards to family & friends
  • Making phone calls to fellow voters
  • Writing letters to the editor in support of candidates
  • Distributing campaign literature in your neighborhood
  • Making a donation to help fund a campaign  

You can reach out to help any or all of the following candidates who have been endorsed by the Cuyahoga Valley Republicans by contacting them using the information provided here:

By Jeff Longo
The Republican establishment foolishly thinks the Democrat lie, known as Obamacare, is all they need to run against in order to secure a victory in the November election. The GOP leadership has abandoned their conservative principles and at times acts more like democrats than conservatives. We saw this in their surrender to democrats on the irresponsible Budget Deal, with the passage of the wasteful Farm Bill and finally, with the national debt in excess of $17 trillion, they caved on a hike in the debt ceiling that included no meaningful spending cuts. And who told these political cowards it was OK to demonize the conservative wing of the party, who chose not to abandon their core values?
Apr 22 2014 7:00 pm


Political Correctness may be the undoing of our Republic...you need to watch this...


By Jeff Longo 


Within a day of President Obama's warning that "there will be costs" for a military intervention, Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine without hesitation. Since Mr. Obama drew the red line in the Syrian conflict, and did nothing when it was crossed, Putin has been outmaneuvering our amateurish inept leader as the world watches in disbelief.

By Jack Kananian
Cleveland Plain Dealer February 8, 2014
In response to your editorial of Jan. 29 ("The country needs a bold Obama, who is also willing to compromise"), I would like to take your editorial department to task. You stated, “Too many Republicans in Congress, even sensible ones like John Boehner,” throw road blocks to thwart the president's initiatives. My question to your editorial board is when did this begin? Do you believe it began five years ago to President Obama? I would say look back to when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called then President George W Bush stupid. You have not heard any Republican leader make such inflammatory statements.

By Jeff Longo

Another blow delivered to Obamacare. The Congressional Budget Office released a report showing the "Affordable Care Act"  is anything but affordable. This reckless law will cost our nation the equivalent of 2 million jobs and increase the projected deficit by $1 trillion.

Watch the video here...

by Julie Love

Lone Survivor

A new movie is taking the nation by storm. This movie is not about a relationship between cowboys and it is not about sex or drugs. Yet, it is still popular.

The movie stars Mark (may not be a liberal) Wahlberg and is based on the book by Marcus Luttrell, a former Navy Seal. The book and movie are Luttrell's account of events involving his Navy Seal team fighting against Al Qeada terrorists.

Why are people responding to this film? Could it be because people love America?
Why do liberals and the media dislike this film and its popularity so much?

I believe it is because liberals don't understand war. First of all, liberals inherently believe that America is bad. They don't believe that our goals are noble. Because they think that America is bad, they don't understand that America is something worth fighting for. So, under no circumstances do they understand the need for war.

CVR Members In The News

CVR Member Robert Smith

A Man For All Seasons

"I don't find happiness in stuff, I find it in being  of service to others whether it is in the community or in a different country. Most stuff is a temporary fix," says CVR member Robert Smith.

And, he should know.  For the past 10 years, Bob has traveled to Honduras on mission trips with his church to help that area which was torn apart by Hurricane Mitch.  Each year, Bob spends 11 days in Honduras and, with the mission team, has: built latrines, built small chapels, worked in orphanages, and built water purification systems.  These systems are essential in preventing disease.

Bob has lived in Brecksville his whole life.  He is married to Lisa, a "soon to be retired" 8th grade math teacher.  The Smiths have three grown children, Emily, who also lives in Brecksville, Hannah, who lives in Toledo and Abram who lives in Brecksville.  The Smiths also have two grandchildren.

Bob graduated from Brecksville-Broadview Hts high and has been a concrete finisher for 35 years.  Bob has been a member of St. Basil's since it opened its doors.  He is a Republican because of what our party stands for, "smaller government, morals and freedom of religion."

A recovering Democrat, he clearly sees that the Obama administration is taking us down a path to socialism.  "Democrats say they are for the working class, but that is a facade."  He goes on to quote Allen West, "Democrats make people enslaved to the government."

Smith lost his parents early in life, but that just gave him more resolve to work hard.  He believes in our capitalist system, "Has a poor guy ever given you a job?"

Since becoming politically aware in the last 10 years, he is flabbergasted that more people don't want to talk about the issues that are going on in this country.  "We have gone from a country of strong individuals to a country of moral relativism.  How did we get here?"

He wonders if people in America just haven't seem enough hardship, which has contributed to complacency.  If more people had seen what he has seen in place like Honduras, maybe they would appreciate our country more.

That is why Bob sees that his conservative values and his charitable work go hand in hand.  And, that is why he is a member of CVR and gives so much of himself to help others in need.


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