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Ten Ways The Frederick Douglass Foundation Will Save the Republican Party

There are many out there giving all sorts of reasons for the fact that Mitt Romney earned fewer votes than John McCain.  Few however, are mentioning that, of all the groups under this so-called big tent that supposedly needs to be bigger, blacks aren’t being invited into the tent with anything other than half-hearted invitations that are met with rejection by the bouncer at the tent’s front entrance.  The bouncer tells a few blacks about the rear entrance, but many are written off as unimportant.  Not all blacks want to remain on the government plantation, and their reasons have little to do with anything coming from the mouths of the Republican Party’s squishy risk-averse politico wizards who are continuously running the Republican Party into an icy snowdrift of defeat.  Many Republicans and conservative-minded people feel like the Republican Party doesn’t even like its own base and would rather replace us with another that would vote blindly and religiously without being allowed to have input.  Well, that needs to change right now.
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