January 18, 2020
The Honorable Rob Portman   The Honorable Dave Joyce
The United States Senate   The US House of Representatives
448 Russell Senate Office Building   1124 Longworth H.O.B.
Washington, DC  20510   Washington, DC  20515
The Honorable Anthony Gonzalez cc: The Honorable Jim Jordan
The US House of Representatives   The US House of Representatives
1023 Longworth HOB   2056 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515   Washington, DC 20515
RE: Impeachment
Dear Senator Portman, Congressman Gonzalez and Congressman Joyce:

Today our nation faces an unprecedented assault by individuals in the federal government who have plotted to abuse their power by impeaching and removing from office a duly elected president.  In the face of this challenge to our Republic, we write to make our voices heard, not as partisans, but rather as citizens who cherish our liberty as Americans.  

In that regard, we will not mince words.

First and foremost we reject the flawed premise that the president acted improperly. President Trump's discussion with the president of Ukraine regarding Joe and Hunter Biden was both appropriate and within his purview as president. Why would any US president not question the allocation of US taxpayers' dollars to a foreign country, when that country is known for corruption, and it has significant financial ties to the family of an American vice president? In light of these facts, why should the president also not personally question whether Ukraine interfered in the 2016 elections? He does not have to go through official state department channels to do so.  The president, not unelected diplomats, sets US foriegn policy. The real question is why anyone in the federal government would object to such inquiries. Joe Biden's standing as a primary candidate for president does not exempt him from public scrutiny regarding foreign entanglements. The Obama Administration clearly did not afford Candidate Donald Trump that courtesy.

It is abundantly clear that Democrat leaders, the federal bureaucracy and their media allies hate and fear President Trump. He isn't one of them, he doesn't play by their rules, and he is a threat to their power and privilege. He is doing what 63 million Americans elected him to do, and the Democrat leadership and preening, self-important Washington DC establishment can't stand it. They not only hate the president. They despise "we the people" who elected him.  When they attack President Trump, they are really attacking us and all that we hold dear.   
The socialist left that has hijacked the Democrat Party vowed to impeach the president, even before he was inaugurated, and they did not let the truth or the US Constitution stand in their way. The House impeachment proceedings were blatantly corrupt and based on lies. Adam Schiff and Jerold Nadler denied the president due process and trampled on the rights of the minority. Political prisoners in Korea and Iran would recognize such tactics.  Objective observers understand that it is Nancy Pelosi's and Chuck Schumer's cohorts who pose the real clear and present danger to our Republic.     

We salute Congressmen Nunes, Jordan and Collins, Senators Graham and McConnell and all of the Republican members of Congress who have played key roles defending the President, while also working to uncover the roots of the Russian collusion hoax. Thank you Congressmen Gonzalez and Joyce for your "no" votes on impeachment. And thank you Senator Portman for your public comments in favor of acquittal. We commend each of you for fulfilling your obligations to uphold the United States Constitution.

It is up to all of us as citizens to defend liberty and demand equal justice. Please remember that you are walking in the footsteps of men who signed the Declaration of Independence with the pledge "our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor".  

The Cuyahoga Valley Republicans Board of Trustees

Dom Sciria, President
Steve Sweetnich, Treasurer
Dr. Donald Moorhead, Vice President
Sue Komandt, Trustee
Sally Becker, Secretary
Dr. E. Terri Shawhan, Trustee
Kim Veras, Recording Secretary Jack Boyle, Trustee

And the Following CVR Members
Kathy Sciria
Paul Daniel Sciria
Paul Sciria
Gerald Becker
Ruth Moorhead
Kevin Bojarski
Katherine Gallas
Dan Hromada
Sam Horowitz
Kathy L. Johnson
Wendy Gilmore-Pollak
Lawrence Pollak
Martin Drabek
Alan J. Seibert
Lauren Seibert 
Daryl Kingston
Nancy Kingston
David J. Pajestka
Laura Pajestka
Georgia Ann Maresh
Ken Maresh
Louis Carouse Jr.
Christine Sweetnich
Michael Sabat
Jeff Longo
Bonnie Longo
Jeff Kessel
Carol Kessel
Bruce Komandt
David Pristash
Darlene Pristash
Zdenka Necasek
Linda M. Hamm
William H. Hamm
Carol L. Albright
Edward Albright
Kathleen Sopka
Tabitha Zuckerman
Dennis C. Kuminski
Maris M. Kuminski
Patricia Scoville
Sanford Jaffe
Elaine Jaffe
Mary Lou Bennett
Mathew Gilmartin
Robert M. Kilo
Brigitte Gêrard
William Bayer
Diane Bayer
Albert Bota
Raymond Rini
Michael Blinkhorn
Michael Krause
Robert Manashian
Marilyn H. Matia
Shalira Taylor
Jonah Schulz
Paul Fink
Susan Messisco
Mark Kutylowski
William E Trausch
Linda Trausch
Agnes E. Norton
David H. Norton
Jeanne R. Emerich
Theodore C. Emerich
Vivian A. Luther                                                                                            
Marshall Rosenberg
Edward M. Dean                                                                                           
Carol Andrews
Arlene McNamara
Edward A. McNamara
Loisirene Blumberg
Karl Bernhardt
Angie Angoni
Robert Dickow
Cynthea Sabolich
Steven L. Sabolich
John W. Kohl
Susan M. Vidovic
Santa Payer
Arron Payer
Jack Kananian
Mary Kananian
Debbie Gonda
Ann-Marie Baylor
Carol Lee Upshur
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Tillie McMullen
Janice Lukas
Leila Jacobs
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Shirley Basista
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