Letter to the Editor:

By Linda Trusch

American Corporations – Don’t cave in to the radical left, and American consumers will support you.
Those on the radical left have been hysterical since the inauguration of President Donald Trump. We’ve seen enough body part costumes and destruction of property to last many of us quite some time.
But, the most disturbing of the temper tantrums are the attacks by the far left on American corporations as groups apply pressure on board rooms to disassociate themselves from the Trump administration.
We know that left-wing organizations have been inside board rooms for quite a while. These latest tactics, however, are especially ominous as these groups threaten and intimidate corporations into caving to their will, hurting Americans.
First, to reporters, I’d ask, why are you not investigating these radical groups? Setting fires, breaking windows, and injuring people are not first amendment rights. What is the matter with all of you? Where are the investigations to find out who these people are?
Second, to these corporations, I’d ask, stand up to the bully tactics, please. Stand up for your employees, customers, and your shareholders.  The motives of these groups do not reflect what is best for the people who should matter to your organization. Get these groups out of your board rooms.
Stand up for American greater good.  Stand up, and you will be rewarded by the people who buy your products. Ask Chick-Fil-A. Ask Fed-Ex. Watch as American consumers shun Starbucks and support Black Rifle Coffee Company. Watch as American families shun the Boy Scouts and support Trail Life USA.  Keep an eye on Nordstrom and whoever picks up Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing. Ask Madonna and Ashley Judd when their songs and movies aren’t quite so popular any more. Oh, and don’t forget to ask Target about their stock price.
American corporations have an obligation to do what’s best for employees, customers, and shareholders, and an obligation to throw radical groups out of your board rooms. Start having some guts.