Your Health Care.

The Democrats now own your health care.

Every problem, every denial, every endless wait, every mistake, every…they now own. Every tax increase to cover the inevitable deficits, every blue balled commission to fix and restore it from bankruptcy, every rationing of care from pushing down the cost curve…they own.

Write it down. Commit it to memory. The Democrats now own your health care. The undreamed of procedures, the new miracle drugs, the yet undiscovered cures, the hope of new not invented technology that will never ever be created…they own. The missing doctors and nurses and health care aides…they own. The clinics, offices, and hospitals closed…they own. The Democrats own every bit, every scrap, and every part of health care now.

Never before have I witnessed such an overarching change to our society without bipartisan and public support. We have tried to fix our historic ills together. Only one other time we could not. Slavery was not a bipartisan fix. It required a deeply bitterly divided nation to meet face to face on a battlefield: 618,000 died to settle the question. Our fixes to racial problems caused by federal and state interference in matters of race were resolved more or less peacefully. Bipartisanship worked to enact civil rights laws.

We went to numerous wars together. Even the wars that started or became unpopular were bipartisan ventures. As were the peace treaties that followed. But not tonight. Tonight, the Democrats own your health care.

Congressman Bart Stupak, the alleged pro-life Democrat, voted yes for this bill. It wasn’t a surprise to me because he voted for it last November. But the heat was on Mr. Stupak to not vote for the Senate bill that passed tonight because it was weaker in its prohibition of taxpayer funds for abortion. Mr. Stupak needed political cover for his yes vote. He got it courtesy of President Obama’s executive order. Stupak made a deal, a pro-life deal with the most pro-abortion president in history. He made a deal with a president whose first executive order reversed President Bush’s anti-international funding of abortion order. He made a deal with a man who twice voted for infanticide. He made a deal with a proven liar. He made a deal to sell out the Constitution on the promises made by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. Stupak was always going to vote yes, he needed Obama to cover his ass with a faux executive order. That he got. The abortion language was not an issue or else the NOW and NARAL gang would be screaming like grrls who saw a mouse dressed as Dick Cheney. Every tax payer funded aborted baby is now owned by Representative Bart Stupak. Congratulations, sir, on being the midwife for Obama-Care. You will never be able to scrub your hands clean enough. When the roll call of those who voted for this health care bill is made public, please note their names and their phone numbers. These are the people you must call each and every time something goes awry with your health care. They own it. We will never be the same, again. The Democrats own our health care.