Thinking About Life On The 37th Anniversary of Death

37 years ago the Supreme Court found a faux right to abortion in the constitution. I don’t know how fierce the abortion debate was prior to this one decision but fierce doesn’t begin to describe the fight since. Abortion has created a dividing line between pro-life (anti-abortion) and pro-choice (for abortion) factions. It is the issue that separates conservative Republicans from so-called moderate Republicans. With Democrats if you’re pro-life you cannot speak at one of their conventions. So, whose tent is larger? Besides creating a right out of whole emperor’s cloth, the Court’s Roe decision gave political cover to many politicians. As a politician, you can claim a position on either side and never have to prove it because Roe tends to block or shield legislative action. Well, for now at least. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not pro-life. I believe the state has the obligation and duty to put to death criminals so sentenced, I support sending our military to other countries to kill our enemies, and I don’t believe in turning the cheek; deadly force is the surest form of self-defense. I am anti-abortion, especially when used as a form of birth control like it can be under this right. But pro-life is the term and I will go with that. Pro-life also encompasses not just the unborn, but euthanasia, too. This anniversary has me thinking about a few things.