Politics and Money

One issue which is raised from most people when talking about politics is that money is corrupting our political system. Many people express the opinion the we need limits on political donations and the ability to influence our politicians. I have always been against this as I see it as a limit on free speech and our basic 1st Amendments rights. The fact is that the Federal Government has too much power and control over us.

I often pose this challenge to folks: "I'll give you $1000 if you can name one thing the Federal Government does not have control over", I have never given away a penny.

This is the problem with money in politics, that the oligarchs in Washington DC have say over everything, and buying their influence can directly effect the success or failure of a business or issue. Combine this with the fact that most politicians are corruptible and willing to be influenced, and you have reasons to want the money out of politics.

The solution is not to limit the citizens ability to influence politics but the reverse,
remove the politicians ability to effect or influence the lives of the American Citizen.

The excellent Columnist, Derek Hunter at Townhall.com, make this point in the article.
Money In Politics

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